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Stand Tall 4 PTS

Founded by Australian Cricketer and Vietnam Veteran, Tony Dell, Stand Tall 4 PTS’ mission is to raise awareness and funds for PTSD research and support

In 1967/68, he served in Vietnam, with 2RAR, as a National Serviceman. Returning from his tour of duty, from 1970 to 1975, he enjoyed a brief career in first class cricket as a fast bowler with Queensland. More significantly, he was selected for two Test Matches with Ian Chappell as his captain. Forty years after coming home from Vietnam he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress. The persistent and inescapable dark episodes in his life and subsequent marriage breakdown, started to make sense.

In 2007 he was invited into the Defence Cricket fold. It was discovered subsequently that he is the only Vietnam Veteran to play Test Cricket. In fact, it emerged that he is the only person in the world, since 1945, to fight in a theatre of war and play Test Cricket.

After his own PTS diagnosis, Tony suspected that there were probably thousands more Vietnam Veterans who remained undiagnosed and were not receiving any help as their lives inexplicably crumbled around them.

Tony’s cricket contacts, his newly formed Defence contacts and forty years of Advertising experience spawned the idea to spread the word amongst this group of sufferers.

He then expanded his thinking to disperse the message to include anyone who had been affected by PTS in any walk of life. What started as a mission to help Vietnam Veterans has grown immensely, now that we fully understand the size and scope of this problem.

So Tony rallied his friends and influential contacts to raise the flag for PTS and those who are affected by it. PTS Foundation Limited was incorporated, the necessary ATO charity concessions were officially registered with the statutory bodies and our advertising, marketing and fund-raising programme entitled ‘’Stand Tall for PTS’’ was created.

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